About me

I am Elizabeth Vago.  Founder of EV Tours on Vancouver Island.  My paternal last name ‘Vago’ suits me well: Va in Spanish and Go in English.  It has defined my life in many ways, a life of travel and of living in different parts of the world.  We left the land of my birth of Montevideo, Uruguay when I was 7 years old cruising the Mediterranean and Europe for months.  The many cities we visited are etched in my mind: the azure grottos of the Amalfi coast, the shapes of the mountains of Monserrat, cafes and shops in Corfu. Our ship eventually arrived in Israel, where I live for the next 5 years

EV in Fisherman’s Wharf

All the places where I have lived and travelled, the languages I learned, the music and foods I’ve savored, have led me here, where I live today at the southern point of #Vancouver Island in the town of James Bay, across the Juan de Fuca Strait are the snowcapped Olympic Mountains of Washington.

Just down the road is #Fisherman’s Wharfs: a community of fishing boats and of floating houses that are purple and yellow and many bright colors.  I walk along the lovely seaside trail from Fisherman’s Wharf to Victoria’s thriving Inner Harbour.  I meet my group of travelers, 2 couples from Mexico.  They want to walk all over the City.   We enter the Edwardian, chateau-style Empress Hotel designed by Francis Rattenbury.  We visit Victoria’s majestic Parliament Building, built by the same architect.  Eventually my guests want to know why I speak Spanish, where I was borne, how I came to be a tour guide in Victoria.

Montevideo, city of my birth

Living in so many different places especially as a child, has helped me to develop an appreciation for cultural diversity, a great appetite for art and good food, for architecture and history. Eventually I satisfy my guests curiosity about me.  I have lived in Uruguay, Israel, Toronto, Paris, Santa Monica, Puerto Vallarta, and speak 5 languages.  My most treasured cities of travel are: Granada, Istanbul, and Buenos Aires.  But I love mostly where I live and delight in sharing the beauty of Vancouver Island with my guests.

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