Vancouver Island – a natural playground

Family Discovery on Mt Tolmie

Mystic beach in low tide, forests of streams, waterfalls and giant trees, winding trails to mountain views – these are the places on Vancouver Island, that make it a natural playground.    At the beginning of Juan de Fuca trail: wilderness hiking.  Nature is at hand. Up Southern #Vancouver Island, close to the city of #Victoria, I venture out with guests each spring, summer and fall to enjoy and share the great outdoors.

An exhilarating hike in Provincial Park

Visiting children live a sense of new freedom in #Victoria, BC, on #Vancouver Island.  Both kids and adults get to spend much needed time in nature.  There are infinite ways to interact with outdoor environments here, from hiking in Goldstream Provincial Park to visiting a small Gulf Island where they can run freely on the beach. At one of our marinas #kids feed friendly seals.  At #Beaconhill Park’s #Children Farm they love brushing and interact with animals.

Gentle goats love to be brushed

A natural    playground to discover, we ventured to  waterfalls with a family of 4 kids on my Family Discovery Tour.  When first I arrived, I had gone hiking in Gold Stream Park and learned about the salmon run and in the fall, I return to witnessed the amazing spectacle of salmon    spawning in estuaries along the stream.  I noticed that once the families were away from their cruise ship terminal and from the city of Victoria, and outdoors, how the kids seemed so much happier, in a great mood and the parents I noticed, couldn’t look more pleased.

The #children got more confident exploring the outdoors on our hike in the forests and up a mountain for exhilarating views.  The green, unstructured style of play really appeals to kids and of course adults too.  The natural playground keeps everyone moving, interacting, excising, and having loads of fun.  Some of my most treasured tours were those with the young children you see here.

And it is true that exercise and being outdoors has always energized me.  After being cooped up in winter, I see how in  a natural environment joy is effortless for both kids and adults in my groups, and   fun and stimulating for me as well.


About me

I am Elizabeth Vago.  Founder of EV Tours on Vancouver Island.  My paternal last name ‘Vago’ suits me well: Va in Spanish and Go in English.  It has defined my life in many ways, a life of travel and of living in different parts of the world.  We left the land of my birth of Montevideo, Uruguay when I was 7 years old cruising the Mediterranean and Europe for months.  The many cities we visited are etched in my mind: the azure grottos of the Amalfi coast, the shapes of the mountains of Monserrat, cafes and shops in Corfu. Our ship eventually arrived in Israel, where I live for the next 5 years

EV in Fisherman’s Wharf

All the places where I have lived and travelled, the languages I learned, the music and foods I’ve savored, have led me here, where I live today at the southern point of #Vancouver Island in the town of James Bay, across the Juan de Fuca Strait are the snowcapped Olympic Mountains of Washington.

Just down the road is #Fisherman’s Wharfs: a community of fishing boats and of floating houses that are purple and yellow and many bright colors.  I walk along the lovely seaside trail from Fisherman’s Wharf to Victoria’s thriving Inner Harbour.  I meet my group of travelers, 2 couples from Mexico.  They want to walk all over the City.   We enter the Edwardian, chateau-style Empress Hotel designed by Francis Rattenbury.  We visit Victoria’s majestic Parliament Building, built by the same architect.  Eventually my guests want to know why I speak Spanish, where I was borne, how I came to be a tour guide in Victoria.

Montevideo, city of my birth

Living in so many different places especially as a child, has helped me to develop an appreciation for cultural diversity, a great appetite for art and good food, for architecture and history. Eventually I satisfy my guests curiosity about me.  I have lived in Uruguay, Israel, Toronto, Paris, Santa Monica, Puerto Vallarta, and speak 5 languages.  My most treasured cities of travel are: Granada, Istanbul, and Buenos Aires.  But I love mostly where I live and delight in sharing the beauty of Vancouver Island with my guests.

Vancouver Island, and beyond

Travel Blog – Vancouver Island and beyond

I now live on the southernmost part of Vancouver Island in James Bay, the oldest residential neighborhood on the Pacific Northwest. The Lekwungen people roamed these coastal lands for centuries prior to European arrival. They lived in Big Houses together eating fish and camas roots, carving and weaving.

27 foot totem pole in Victoria, BC

EVBlog is mostly about this Island, Vancouver Island, it’s infinite beauty and secrets, the stories and totem poles, the English gardens and Victorian castles. I will share with you all that I love about this Island, with photos I take, and tips on preparing to be here.

First Nation culture and heritage, the seaside cliffs, the abundance of flowers, historic castles and lighthouses,  intrigued me to come and explore #Vancouver Island. You will love it here.  The best months to come, I think, are April thru to November.  Winter is quiet and spectacular when we get the odd snowfall.

Vancouver Island has intricate forest trails that lead to lakes and beaches

Capital city of British Columbia, Victoria:  “I love your shops and restaurants, your English gardens and high tea. Most of all I love the proximity of Victoria to wilderness.  #Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island,  is a benevolent place  showcasing peace, the well being of it’s residents, protecting animals and habitat. Thank you for having it all together: clean streets of hanging flower baskets, humming birds, fresh organic farm food. Peace and natural wholeness. I am aligned with values here and glad I made Victoria my home.

For the past several years I’ve been running EV Tours, a tour guiding company that takes people on fabulous excursions on #Vancouver Island, #Victoria, and #Saltspring Island. Vancouver Island has the warmest climate in Canada and attract visitors from all over the world.  My guides and I have a passion for sharing the beauty of the Island and hope to hear from you and to see you here one day soon.